Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Enjoying my days in Florence

As you already know, I am in Florence these days to visit my family and I am enjoying every single moment spent here. My mum is of course cooking all the stuff I like as for example her homemade pizza we had yesterday for dinner: yammy yammy ^.^
Tomorrow I will go downtown with her and my sister (she took one day off just for me: thank u sister <3!!) for some shopping. I hope to buy something from the "Marni for H&M collection" but it will depend on how much queue there will be...  

The pictures below have been taken by my nephew Marco at Parco del Neto, a park not far from my mum's place where I used to go jogging and spend some time with my friends when I was a student..

Do you like the new bicolor nails polish trend? I am already addicted to it :)

Leave me your comments and stay tuned
Baci da Firenze :*
(I am wearing Guess leather jacket, Alexander McQueen skull scarf, Zara T-shirt, Top Shop long skirt, Zara TRF boots, Calvin Klein bracelet, Tiffany & Co necklace and bracelet, Philippe Audibert bracelet)


  1. Bravo con le foto Marco però!!! mi piace mi piace!!
    anch'io vado adesso con le unghie in due colori :P torna presto!!


  2. Oltre alla giacca di pelle di ecc ecc vedo anche i miei calzini di Paul Smith che sto cercando da giorni...

  3. Love your bracelets and necklace! :)

    1. I love those too!
      I have many bracelets but these are for sure my favourites :)!!