Friday, 10 February 2012


..I have never been a fan of the Spice Girls even if my generation went literally crazy for them in the far '90s and I have never followed the gossip around them or their "evolutions" and "careers".. But it was impossible being in London and do not notice the 5 windows that Harvey Nichols dedicates to Victoria Beckham in these days to present and boost her Spring Summer 2012 Dress Collection.

Her line is shown enterely at the 1st floor (where all big brands are usually presented) upon "Kitty-cat" ragdoll mannequins. The space is huge!

I took some pictures with my blackberry, so the resolution is not very good (sorry for that!).

Price range goes from £395 to £800 for the cloud-print model in silk.
Apparently some of the dresses are already sold out (as for example the red tunic "Victoria Cat" ) and there is also a waiting list open for the fuxia and black style that Victoria has worn during the NY fashion week last September.

(picture took from internet)
Honestly I find the collection very nice and fresh. The fits seems to be quite comfortable and not addressed only to skinny girls. I think they look pretty both with high heels or ballerinas.

As mentioned above, I am not a big fan of her, but I admire the way she reinvented her self and how she managed to launch a business that has proven to be succesful for many years.

What's your opinion?

Weekend is also started :)) What are your plans? 
Whatever they are, enjoy them!!!



  1. Wow, abitini molto bon-ton e dalle linee semplici, ma mi piacciono, sai?
    anche se i prezzi sono a dir poco inaccessibili.
    però mi piace l'idea del manichini-gatto, sembra quasi smorzare l'austerità della semplicità delle linee.
    e adoro le vetrine: mega vetrofania, tubi a neon, niente scarpe, nè parrucche. great!

    1. Che commento professional che mi hai lasciato super Ila ;)
      Quando vieni a trovarmi???????

      Enjoy your weekend

  2. aparentemente los vestidos tienen buen aspecto, aunque el precio me resulte un poco excesivo, pero viniendo de quién viene qué se puede esperar?
    ahora...lista de espera por sus para tanto? ojalá los pueda ver en vivo.

    Buen finde!

    1. :D crazy eh?

      Have a nice sunday Belen!!