Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy S.Valentine

..Maybe I will be unpopular today, but honestly I have to say that I always hated S.Valentine..
I can still remember my pain and my tears when I was a teenager: I was always the only one among my friends, without a boyfriend :(

I was the only one who did not receive at school flowers, chocolates or a cute teddy bear... 
Then when I finally got a fiancé, I started to hate the stress of what to buy for him, where to go for dinner, which special things to organize.. it's all so ridicolous and commercial!!
At the end, If you really love someone you don't have to wait a date to show it to him/her, don't you agree? Am I too banal?

Anyway because Robert is away these days for business I will take advantage of S.Valentine to thank him for being my husband and never ceasing to amaze me with his endless patience and unconditional love!! I miss you!!


Happy S.Valentine to who celebrate it!



  1. Don't worry, I hate this day too. I don't see the point of it! I don't need to remember the person that I love once a year and buy him a super gift and do the best That day. I can do that everyday, being at my best cause the gifts.... we are having crises haha. And also, all this advertising reminds me that acctually it is a marketing celebretion! Many complains he? OK I'll stop :P. I love that picture is sooo lovely :)u both look sweet :)

    PS. as you see we have the exats same ideas haha

  2. Ohhhh, so glad that you have my same thoughts about this festivity ;)

    This is one of the picture from our wedding.. almost 4 years ago... already..


  3. Ciao ho trovato il tuo blog attraverso il contest organizzato da danlavalise we mi è piaciuta la tua presentazione, quindi ora ti seguo, se ti va possiamo seguirci a vicenda anche il mio blog è nuovo!

    1. hihihihi, grazie :)
      Ho curiosato nel tuo blog, mi piace... e voilà, ci seguiamo a vicenda!


  4. bel post!!! mi piace proprio tanto!
    ti leggo sempre!
    in bocca al lupo ancora per questa vostra avventura :)
    kisses and hugs

  5. http://ilared.blogspot.com/2012/02/we-dont-celebrate-stvalentine.html