Wednesday, 1 February 2012


..When I was a little girl I always had my hair short. I also used to play all the time football with my friends, so most of the people tought I was a boy..
Well as things go, at the age of 16 more or less, I went from football to make- up and started to change my look, including my hair cuts, and beeing more feminine.
Infact since then, I've always enjoyed to play with the different looks.
Here below my metamorphosis of these last 4 years...

Now I am trying to get my hair longer again, but I am still a short hair cuts addicted. I think they are much more practical and reflect more my personality.

Let's see what future will bring ;)



  1. Corti sono più da Lisa sbarazzina :) Ah, Coppoli lo trovi sulla mail aziendale, le legge da BB. Domani portano la principessa a casa. Un bacione a tutta la family.

  2. Garde tes cheveux longs ma belle! C'est magnifique!!! Biiiiiiisous

  3. Replies
    1. Yep ;) I know people that will never change their look in the entire life.. sooo boring! I think it is nice and funny to play with the own image, especially when we are young.. don't you?

  4. short & chocolate
    but i loved the short&platinum too <3