Sunday, 5 February 2012

Enjoying the snow

..And this morning London dressed in white as expected :))
It's always so magical to me when it snows.. Everything becomes muffled and seems quiter. There is a different silence around and a special positive atmosphere.
We decided to have our full breakfast, skip my yoga class and Robert his running session, and go straight to Green Park & St. James Park to enjoy the snow and take some photos.

...and of course also our Princess didn't miss the snow this morning and enjoyed it on our balcony..

..and you? How did you spend your Sunday?


(I was wearing V.Level parka - Calvin Klein Jeans chino and sweater - Louis Vuitton scarf - Timberland boots.)


  1. what nice pictures! the city looks gorgeous in the snow! (& we spent our sunday watching the super bowl

  2. Ciao Vittoria!

    Yep, it was amazing to see London with the snow! Unfortunately it is already gone today :(

    WOW, the superbowl! Here the rugby is big so everyone following the Six Nations tournament games during the weekend!

    Enjoy your day darling