Monday, 23 January 2012

Lazy, nice Sunday

Yesterday has been a quite lazy Sunday. In the morning we got up around 7.30am thanks to Pako licking our hair -.-
Anyway I remained in bed till 9.30am and then had a nice breakfast with my love.
After that, I did not want to miss my daily running session, so I convinced Robert to join me.. Poor him! It was such a long time that he did not practice any sports and it has been quite tough for him.
In the afternoon, we went to walk in the park not far from our place and took these pictures..

(I am wearing Guess blazer and Guess Jeans, H&M t-shirt, Alexander McQueen scarf + skull ring + bracelet, Jeffrey Campbell heels with Accessorize socks.)

Then late in the afternoon we met our friend Patricia (one of the two girls who was in Bali with me) who now lives in Amsterdam. I've never been there, so I hope to visit her soon :)) too.
We had a dinner together in the delicious Yauatcha which has become already one of my favourire restaurant here in London. They do great dim sum and fantastic cakes.

Weekend over :( and another week has started... Today I am going to see a Bikram Yoga studio not far to my place. I would like to do some yoga instead of going to the gym. I am not a fan of gym at all.
Then tomorrow for sure I am going to an hair dresser: I hate the "mushroom shape" my head has in this moment @.@

Have a nice week you all, stay tuned.



  1. HI! this is Belén fron Spain! I love your style and your hair! I¨ll keep following you...

    1. Hi Belén! Thank you to have visited my blog and for following it now!

      If you have any plan to come to London, it would be nice to have a cappuccino together ;)

      Enjoy your weekend