Saturday, 28 January 2012


This week passed quite fast thanks to the fact that I've been more "active".
First I subscribed for my Bikram Yoga class (30 days for 30 pounds sounded like a good offer to me).
For those of you who don't know what Bikram Yoga is, it consists of 26 poses to manage in 1 hour and a half in a 40°C warm room. I have to say that even if it is addressed to everybody, it is really tough especially at the beginning. You can not imagine how much you sweat and how difficult it is to breath. Anyway, the more you practice the more you are going to feel better and better and it is really good not only for your body but for your mind, too. I find the 5th pose the hardest. At the moment it seems impossible to me to straighten the leg.

I finally went to the hairdresser as anticipated in my last post, although I spent 75,00 pounds (thanks to the 30% discount vaucher received from my friend Gareth) I was not satisfied at all... My head still has a mushroom shape :S

Today Robert was not in the mood to take any pictures, so I have only a few shots of this afternoon's outfit. Hope you will enjoy them anyway.


(I was wearing Guess maxi cardi - CKJ turtle neck - H&M skirt - Calzedonia tights - Marséll ankle booties - CKJ tote)



  1. 75 pounds???!!! don´´t you think it is soooooo expensive? I can´t see any difference!
    Any way, you must have so much confidence in you and look glamourose!

  2. Sister.. adoro questo outfit!
    ti seguo! kiss

  3. Bella Lisa!!!! *_*
    più mi parli dello yoga, più mi intrighi, sono proprio curiosa, mi piacerebbe provare (e trovare il tempo per farlo :D)

    1. sto diventando abbastanza "addicted".
      Mi sono iscritta settimana scorsa e ho fatto pausa un solo giorno. Sento già i benifici :)