Saturday, 21 January 2012

Walking around

Since I am here in London, I am enjoying walking instead of taking the bus or the tube. I like looking around me and discovering every little corner. I really like the area where we live. The atmosphere is full of energy, colours, people... Yes, people! The biggest difference between Lugano and London is that at any time during the day, you have always people around you!

Today the weather was not too cold, so I decided to wear my burgundy fur vest jacket with a baggy jeans and my new Uggs clogs. I enjoyed taking some pictures in the little vintage market and then in front of a door burgundy like my jacket.  
I find the pictures where I jump too funny :) What do you think about them?

(Guess fur vest jacket -Guess jeans - Guess hat - Zara bag - Uggs clogs)


  1. Love your blog.. Your outfits are so cool, really nice. I am following u now, pass by mine too..

  2. love ur blog!
    I follo u!
    Hug from Barcelona

    follow each other?

    1. Hey!!! Thank you to have visited my blog and for following me now!
      I will do it as well ;)

      I find your blog really cool!

      Cheers, L3