Sunday, 4 December 2011

Almost ready, almost done...

Sorry for the long silence of these last 2 weeks, but finally the dates of our move arrived.. and my stress with them :S!!

The apartment in Lugano is a complete mess right now... there are cartons almost everywhere... even in the bathroom :O !
I started to pack only part of our stuff, mostly clothes and shoes.. Yes.. Shoes... do you remember "my winter collection"? Good.. It's then obvious that I have also a summer collection... so try to guess how many boxes they became :D
And the clothes... even If I gave a lot of things to my sister-in-law and threw out a lot, I still have tons of t-shirts, sweathers, bottoms and jackets...socks!!!!
It has been crazy... I could not believe to have so many.
I really don't know where I will put everything in the new flat where we have one room less and 3 wardrobes less.


Yes, it was a scream.. X_X

Anyway, no panic... Thanks god I have my husband who keeps the nerves for both :D

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