Monday, 12 December 2011


...I have to say that I am feeling a bit homeless in these days :( 
I almost left my apartment in Lugano (tomorrow I will give back the keys), but I still did not move in the one in London... so I spent the last days as a guest a bit everywhere.. first at "la bellina's" place, then in Florence for the weekend with my mum and the whole family, and now in Caslano @ Richard's home. 
On Wednesday morning I will take my flight to the Kingdom and finally become a "Londoner" :DD
As my computer equipment is currently travelling with the rest of the furniture, I can not upload any pictures, but I promise to share some new ones as soon as I am in town, in my new home <3

Stay tuned ;)


  1. ma potevi dirmelo! qui c'è posto a volontà!

  2. te conozco por chicisimo , i follow you