Friday, 11 November 2011

My Winter shoes collection :D

Shoes, shoes and shoes.. Flats or high heels, it doesn't matter... It's a sort of a "terrible desease" :))
I swear: I would be able to buy a pair of shoes per day and one of my dreams would be to have an entire room just for my shoes.
I am starting to prepare our move, so I decided to shoot "my collection" and to share with you my absolute favourites to wear for the winter season. 

Between my favourites:

Marsèll ankle boots

Fendi ankle boots

Cinzia Araia sneackers

Maison' Martin Margiela ankle boots

Miu Miu

UGG - the most comfortables ever!!

and my last but not least purchase: Jeffrey Campbell ankle boots

Which is you favourite then?

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  1. the first day that i met you you were wearing the cherry red ballerinas!

  2. Ajajaj....everything is amazing! :)))

  3. Wow!!!your shoe collection is impressive!!!

  4. I see the Hunter, but no rubber riding boots in your collection :-(

  5. so great & huge collection of Shoes and Sandals ....loved it !!

  6. its a super huge collection of women wedges ...that's really great!!