Monday, 27 February 2012

Brunch at The Breakfast Club in Angel

This weekend the weather has been amazing in London. It seemed to be already spring :)) !

Those who know me well will say for sure that I am quite metereosensitive, so my mood really depends from the weather. If I wake up in the morning and I can see the sunlight through the curtains, I feel immediately a nice energy and the desire to look outside the window and bath my face in the sun even if my eyes are still half closed!! The day will start certainly positively.

Yesterday it was one of these mornings: I opened the window, breathed deeply and looked at the sun with a smile: what a beautiful Sunday :) to spend outside with my love!

First and only plan of the day, was having a brunch with Laura :)
Who is she? 
She is a Spanish fashion blogger that I met "by chance" last Sunday after Robert left for his business trip. Let me tell you the story briefly: everything started because she visited my blog and left a comment saying she was living in London, too. Then I also visited her blog and added her on my twitter contacts. Apparently last Sunday we were both downtown alone, so challenging my shyness and cautiousness, I asked her to meet and have a coffee together... and we did!! It has been a really nice get-together and we discovered to have a lot of things in common (as our cats!!!). During this week we "talked" to each other on bbm and at the end we planned to meet yesterday for a brunch.

We met first at our place to present Pako & Princess to her, and then we went to Angel at The Breakfast Club, a very nice and tiny place for British eggs & bacon. I really enjoyed it and her company :) !!

This is the link to visit her blog:

Of course after this huge breakfast, we needed to digest it and we did a long walk towards Shoreditch, another trendy area full of nice cafès, restaurants and small shops.

 (I was wearing Guess leather jacket and chino jeans - Berska tee - Zara scarf - Alexander McQueen ring and bracelet - Maison Martin Margiela boots - Paul Smith bag & socks)

I wish you all a wonderful Monday

Stay tuned,

Saturday, 25 February 2012


..There is nothing worse than going out for some nice shopping downtown with your husband (and his credit card!!!) and indeed come back home carrying only HIS shopping bags with HIS purchases.... so disappointing :((
We went first to Liberty and I was convinced to buy the new pistol boots from Acne... but at the end I decided that their price did not justify what they are... Then we went to Selfridges hoping for a replenishment of the Isabel Marant Bekket sneackers... but unfortunately they didn't!

Anyway, in two weeks I will fly to Florence and I am sure that I will do some good shopping there :)) with also some better prices!!

Today's outfit was not great, I can admit that. I wanted to wear my new neon yellow knit bought from Zara 2 week ago. I matched it with my Abercrombie denim short, black tights and Marsèll boots.. maybe it would have been nicer to wear it with a black denim and high heels istead.. what do you think?

(I was wearing also Zara lace shirt - Amy Gee Jacket - Calvin Klein bag - Alexander McQueen ring)

..and you? Have you done some good shopping?

Have a nice evening,


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Burberry Prorsum Collection

Yesterday thanks to today's technology, I could watch on streaming the Woman's Burberry Prorsum catwalk which took place here in London in Hyde Park.
For this season the Creative Director Christopher Bailey focused on coats and draped blazers, skirts (it seemed to be a real must have for his next Fall Winter), mini bomber jackets, puffy sleeves and bows a bit everywhere.
Velvet, tweed, floral prints are the main elements all combined with warm colours such as burgundy, musturd yellow, dark olive green, chestnut brown.

I really enjoyed the collection also in its details: the satchel  and the box bags are amazing as the leather gloves enriched with studs.

Here below you can see some of the key outfits

The show finished with an artificial rain outside the glass hall and all the models came out with their umbrellas. 100% British :) 
(pictures taken from

 If you would like to know something about the history of Burberry click on this link:

How do you like this collection?
Let me have your comments :)

Cheers, L3

Saturday, 18 February 2012


Today the weather in London is awful :((
I wanted to go downtown and take some street style pictures especially because yesterday the London Fashion Week began and you can breath fashion in the air more than usually. I also thought at my outfit and I wanted to show you my first piece from the new season: a Zara's knit in neon yellow... next time...
I really hope that tomorrow will be better also because Robert is leaving again for business and it will be soooooo boring for me to stay alone at home all day long. 

How do you like this picture? It was taken by my nephew Marco and I really like the atmosphere of it. He gently allowed me to publish it. Thank you nipote mio!

Cheers, L3

Friday, 17 February 2012

My mum & skype

Quick post dedicated to my mum: Mirella :)
At the age of almost 64 years, she fell for technology and decided to buy a computer and have skype to be able to talk and see more often her far away daughter in London <3

Thank you mummy!!! Miss you!

(picture from last August when I was in "blondie girl" version ;)

Enjoy your Friday night

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy S.Valentine

..Maybe I will be unpopular today, but honestly I have to say that I always hated S.Valentine..
I can still remember my pain and my tears when I was a teenager: I was always the only one among my friends, without a boyfriend :(

I was the only one who did not receive at school flowers, chocolates or a cute teddy bear... 
Then when I finally got a fiancé, I started to hate the stress of what to buy for him, where to go for dinner, which special things to organize.. it's all so ridicolous and commercial!!
At the end, If you really love someone you don't have to wait a date to show it to him/her, don't you agree? Am I too banal?

Anyway because Robert is away these days for business I will take advantage of S.Valentine to thank him for being my husband and never ceasing to amaze me with his endless patience and unconditional love!! I miss you!!


Happy S.Valentine to who celebrate it!